April 28

Kitchen and Garden

Today the class of MJT had kitchen and garden.  My group and I did the chickens we had to feed them take out the poo and clean the water.  In kitchen we made a pasta with a sauce.  We had a nice healthy lunch with my teachers. I found out that one of my teachers is allergic to tomatoes.

From Jye

December 1

Song room performance

Last week all the grade 3/4’s went to Eastbank to perform infront of heaps of other schools.  There were heaps of really good performances .  Our song was the Hounted house junk yard.  We did a really good job at it.  In our performances we had a start middle and a End.  We had to be patient for our performances.  At the end we saw GVGS and some guys from Castlemaine and Echca.  There was really good drummer from Castlemaine.  Every body was jumping around for Castlemaine.

October 6

My Holidays

On the holidays I went camping we went with my cousin and uncle.  We did heaps of fun thing we rode the motorbikes and shot guns we moved sheep.  It was really hot so we jumped into the sheep water.  It was really cool in the sheep water they had not drank it yet.  That day it was 37 so it was really hot.  After that at 430 I had t0 go to my gators traning it was really hard.  Because I had just got back from camping.

September 17

To nitght

To night I am playing basketball.  Im playing under 14 I am not suppose to play under 12. But they are short of players so they asked if I can play for them.  I cant what but it will be fun the team that we will be playing they have not won a game.  A kid that goes to school my school I am playing I really like playing basketball I am playing after my brother.  He also plays under 14 as well he is a really good ball handlers he can shoot a three pointer.  I think he likes play basketball as well.  He is playing at 6:1o and I am playing at 7:00 I really like driving to the basket it is fun and you can get foled by the other them a get a free shot from a spot.  You ant allowed to jump over the line.

September 10


Today we did SEAD. It was really fun we id it with MJO class also we practice our bowling,batting and catching. In the middle of it we did girls vs boy in the batting we. We had to bounce the bowl on our bat,and we had to try and keep the bat on the ball. That was about it what we did it was really fun.

September 4

Today pictures

Today we did dreawing with our song room teacher. When we did it my friends did some funny pictures. I really liked doing our pictures with our song room teacher. Not just our class has been doing it the hole school has been. My teacher did some really wierd pictures like the fat mumma. He did some more but I wont tell you themm ritgh now all my friends where really funny. There one porson how was really good and funny was Jack’s and mohamed was really really funny. I would rate that a ten out of ten it was MAD. But all of his were mad we did four really good dreawings. I also did not mind was Logan’s  he did a really good one it was the strong man. Man that was awsome you should of seen it I would rate that a ten out of ten as well.